Providing Enrichment & Training Opportunities Through Our Center for Leadership and Spiritual Formation.

About Us


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ: It is my prayer that, as one chosen to lead God’s people, “you would deepen your knowledge of the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.”- In His Service, Bishop Willie J. Armstrong, Founder

Our Center for Leadership and Spiritual Formation is founded to help pastors, churches, and other faith-based organizations strengthen the practice of Biblical leadership and personal spiritual development.

The Center helps local churches build their capacity to respond to their spiritual callings. Clergy and lay leaders of churches and faith-based organizations gain the knowledge and skills necessary to address social justice issues nationally and internationally.


  1. To support spiritual formation for church and ministry leaders

  2. To enhance leadership skills that improve ministry and management effectiveness

  3. To facilitate organizational transformation within churches and faith-based organizations

  4. To create a “safe” space for ministry leaders to be refreshed in a confidential environment



Koinonia- Fellowship

In the spirit of “Koinonia,” participants will have opportunities to develop meaningful connections with pastors, lay congregation leaders, nonprofit organization leaders, and local and state public officials.


Prayer Ministry


Crown Talking Drum Radio

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